Keynote Speaker with Inspirational Comedian and Evolution of Dance™ Creator Entertaining and Educating Audiences All Over the World Judson Laipply

The 5 L's for Living

Laugh, Listen, Learn, Live, and Love. They are five simple words that have many definitions and many uses. Alone each of them covers an important aspect of life but together they can be a powerful mantra for living.
We will explore the internal and external facet of these words in relations to others and self. Listen to yourself, Laugh with yourself, Learn from yourself, Live for yourself, and Love yourself and the internal explorations of personal power. Once you have a grasp on these areas you can move onto the external areas.
Listen to others, Laugh with others, Learn from others, Live for others, and Love all others. These areas lend themselves to multiple ideas concerning leadership and success. Take away skills: Communication, self-exploration, laughter, service leadership, diversity, understanding, motivation, and self-esteem 

Break-out Sessions: two rounds of education -- choose amongst four industry topics

Managing Your Digital Curb Appeal with Jen Piccotti

You respond to resident reviews with grace, your social media presence has flair, so your online reputation is solid, right? Maybe not. The evolution of our industry and our increasing reliance on smartphones brings a new set of measures for your reputation. In addition to creating relevant and useful social media content and managing reviews generated by residents, you also need to be aware of - and engaged with - reviews generated by your employees and the degree to which your organization supports the community-at-large. As the scope of “reputation” gets broader it may be time for a reputation evaluation. In this session, learn 3 Key Steps to take to ensure your Digital Curb Appeal is Best in Class.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the full scope of your online reputation and who your true audience is.
  • Apply updated strategies to managing resident-generated reviews.
  • Discover how to incorporate reputation management lessons learned to all aspects of your “digital curb”.

Customer Service in the Age of Disruption with Donna Hickey

Today more now than ever, customer service skills must be sharp.  Just as much as you, the attendee of this session wants great customer service when you spend your money, so does the resident, prospect and co-worker seek from you.  We have all attended customer service sessions before, so why is this one any different.  It’s different because for the first time ever, we have 5 different generations in the work place, 5 different generations living at our communities and 5 different generations as prospects.  This is a highly interactive session that draws on real life experiences and shows through hands on learning the differences and the outcomes both positive and negative of poor and GREAT customer service. 

  • Knowing the different Generations and how customer service is applied.
  • our position with the company doesn’t dictate poor customer service.
  • The 10 different personalities and how to manage them.
  • Generational slang, what does it all mean.
  • Just doing enough to get by, isn’t good enough.
  • Bringing back GREAT customer service and how it increases renewals, rentals and stabilizes employee revolving doors.

Productivity Powerhouse - 7 Hacks To Accomplishing More, In Less Time with Marla Posey

Factoring in all we’re expected to accomplish in this fast-paced, competitive and consumption-based society, it’s no wonder that at times we may feel completely overwhelmed and defeated. Consequently, this diminishes our efficiency and effectiveness, leading to further feelings of overwhelm. Between texts, emails, phone calls, social media updates, meetings, volunteer work, planning, errands, appointments, dinner, and a term I coined  “lifeing”…it can be exhausting. How are we supposed to get it all done?

If this sounds like you, I can relate. For years I struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted until I went on a mission to find tools to help me better manage my time, my tasks, and those around me. If you’re looking for new and contemporary ways to combat this growing problem i.e: this isn’t your mothers time management class, join me as I share the 7 greatest productivity hacks that have helped me accomplish more and feel less stressed in my work, and in life.


The Invisible Resident: When Fraud Impacts Your Business with Patience Hackler

For most property managers, fraud is an invisible resident which goes unrealized until it is too late. In a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 95% of property management companies acknowledged struggles with identifying, mitigating or preventing fraud. Fraudulent activity has become a growing issue in the rental industry, especially with the increase of online applications versus in-person. As such, property managers are increasingly faced with new challenges in verifying identities and detecting potentially fraudulent applicants. 

These applicants can be hiding criminal records or may be likely to “skip,” putting property managers at risk for identity misuse. In fact, most property managers believe over half of bad renter outcomes are tied to some sort of fraud. While companies may believe they already have fraud detection tools in place during the screening process, fraudulent activity is typically not identified until after move-in. Integration of a more robust fraud solution would allow potential fraudsters to be flagged at the time of application, rather than during the lease cycle, which could significantly boost the company’s bottom line.


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